Project Info


What is the program about?

The SSEP is a unique opportunity for students in grades 5-7 to submit a microgravity experiment, of their own design, to be flown aboard the International Space Station and have their procedures carried out by real NASA Astronauts.

Who can participate?

The opportunity is available to all grade 5 – 7 classes in Kamloops/Thompson School district.  Interested teachers lead students through the process of experimental design in small classroom groups using Inquiry-based learning techniques. Each classroom then puts one proposal forward through a two-step formal review process – just like real scientists do!  One student experiment from our district will be launched to the International Space Station in Fall 2014.

I am a student – how do I get involved?

Let your teacher know you would like to participate!  Interested teachers should contact the program coordinator, Paul Hembling, Principal of Bert Edwards Science & Technology School.